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2010 Sailing Season

02 December 2009

We have had some real interest in provisional bookings for the 2010 season. Festivals, Cornish Coastals, and corporate events. All those interested should keep a regular lookout on our 2010 sailing programme, this should be ready by the third week in December 2009.
Trying to confirm these events may take a little longer but all who wish to take part can keep themselves up todate with regular visits.
The weather plays a large part as to what we can and cant do. The 2009 season from mid June onwards produced strong winds and gales influenced by the jet stream on a regular footing. Passage planning forms were being thrown into the bin on a daily basis. When what we thought was a long enough break to make a run for it, six hours later we are running back to the port of departure to shelter. Be flexible is the motto, flexible means time to spare departing when its safe to do so. Unfortunately paying clients dont always have the spare time due to work and other commitments.
We do try to leave in plenty of time to meet our charters but the weather is certainly making it more difficult.
On a warmer note the 'Ruth' has a new central heating system fitted throughout which should make life very cosy when the weather is not so nice, nothing like a warm cosy cabin to sleep in.
We have modified the staysail to self tacking. This means we have no big sheet blocks flying around when crew are working on the foredeck.
After the slipping of 'Ruth' at Newlyn we are ready to go again, its a pity our winters are so long.
Keep looking at the web site as there maybe a cruise that you would like to be involved with on this beautiful period ship.
Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and New Year.

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