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History is made in Wexford

19 August 2005

Ruth made a historic entry into Wexford harbour this year being the first traditional ship in for 11 years and the first to carry fare paying passengers in 86 years! The reason for this being Wexford's notoriously difficult coastline - shifting sand bars and a very shallow channel meant a tricky entry for most ships. However, Ruth only having a draught of 2.2m we slipped over the Wexford sand bar and into a fantastic reception from the Wexford people.

A flotilla of about 20 boats including the lifeboat, escorted the Ruth into the harbour and into the Thomas Moore pub where a room had kindly been set aside for the crew. Sea legs were still in full effect at the point as the wind had been gusting force 8 on the journey up the Irish sea!

Over the period of a week Ruth and her crew were presented with gifts from the Mayor of Wexford and the ship was open to the public, organised brilliantly by the Wexford Friends of the Tall Ships.

Ruth is planning to be back in Wexford in October for the Opera Festival if the weather permits us to sail the Irish Sea.

Special thanks to the Murphy family for all they did that week.

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